The СOVID-19 has turned upside-down lives of the office employees. For the first time, companies around the world have faced challenges no one has ever encountered.

So what are the primary concerns of the office employee in such situation? How to preserve the team’s spirit? How to communicate, interact, and cooperate effectively regardless of the distance?

Company Values

СOVID-19 has become a kind of test for many companies – how much of what you declare equal your actions in crisis situations specifically? Now you know exactly.

Employees’ health

It is one of the most essential values of any company despite the industry. Sure, quarantine is full of aspects but it does not mean that the care of employees can be paused until they return to the office. Pack boxes with essential provisions like disinfectants, masks, gloves, etc.

Keep your employees’ options open. Offer help but do not impose. Send the box on request only – when the application is received arrange direct delivery, and voila.


Oceans of courses are available online and it is a perfect time to take this advantage. We have launched corporate English classes in Zoom mode. It do not affect the usual schedule of the employees, moreover we managed to engage more people including not locals.

Information about free courses

During quarantine, many training platforms have opened free courses. Monitor these courses and inform your employees about them. After all, skills upgrade will be useful for both parties. 

Coursera offers free certificates for 85 courses. Here is a list of available charge-free courses.

Experiment and try something new

UDS online library – our choice. We have a huge amount of unstructured information. Yet, each of us has read something worthwhile to advise both for technical or soft skills improvement. You can try an online library either. Enlist the support of several activists in the company, create key sections, and add a couple of books to start. The rest can be edited and expanded in the process.

Birthdays and holidays

Quarantine is not a reason to skip birthdays and holidays. To arrange a festive mood, we make direct delivery of gifts (balloons, flowers, cakes, etc.) We also noticed that quarantine has helped to detect what comfortable work stands for. Perhaps your employees need a cozy wooden stand for a laptop? New headset? Blanket? Cat?

Contests and challenges

Contests and challenges work perfectly if you need to fill gaps formed under the lack of communication. Team informal interaction is not time-consuming and obligatory so it will be fun for those who are communication-sick.

The best workplace, home business suit, best view from the window, etc. are good examples of discharges. Ask kindly your teammates to take part and share how they live and work during the quarantine.

Some work side by side with the pet, some arrange a workplace on the balcony, and some work without getting out of bed – all that will make a cheerful frame of mind after all.

Add some physical activities. Organize sports challenges like The Best Project Planker or The Master of Push-Ups, let your employees take their sports results on camera, and compete with each other. Reward the most willing ones with the prizes.

Give loose rein to experiments. Test new ideas in practice to choose what is right for your company and your team. After all, everything is changing and we can only assume how much will change in the future.

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