Six people have enrolled in our last Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer training course. But only two of them went through all the training challenges and demonstrated persistence, urge and desire to know something new, as well as ability to dig the required information out without relying on someone’s help. They absolutely deserve a job at UDS Consulting and, no doubt, the certificate.

“This is a good way to improve yourself as a MS Dynamics CRM developer. The training provides important basic knowledge and CRM development skills in a short-term period. From the very beginning, I got access to all educational resources, which allowed me watching the training videos and doing the tasks anytime and anywhere. To my opinion, the number of real-world examples was not enough, but in general, it was a great experience for me”.


“This training course is a great opportunity to receive the up-to-date knowledge when you are a student or an employee as for such people it’s really hard to find time to attend the training courses daily. The distance learning format of this course solves this issue, which makes it convenient for everyone. The tutor is an experienced CRM developer who answers almost any question and provides you with additional resources and useful links. By the way, every student receives access to the CRM educational environment to practice in it”.


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